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What to Expect


When you arrive, there will be someone at the door to greet you who can help with any questions.  Check out our welcome area and grab some free coffee, baked goods, and more information!



We are simple, down-to-earth people. Come in any clothing you feel comfortable in—we’re causal here.



Expect to hear a message from a book of the Bible. Our prayer is that God’s word is clearly explained and that you will be challenged to apply what you have heard to your life!



Our music is mostly contemporary. We will sing songs that proclaim truths about God.



Expect congregational prayer during the service. Our staff is also willing to pray with you about any needs or situations you are facing.


Children ages 0-4th grade may attend our Children’s Ministry time.

Our Music 

Here is our list of Songs that we sing at FCC.  You can find this playlist on Spotify by searching "FCC Worship Songs." 

Our Process for Change

Love God.

(1) Worship Service - Sundays at 9:30 am

(2) Personal Spiritual Disciplines (Bible Reading, Prayer, etc.)

Love Others.

(1) Church Membership

(2) Discipleship Groups

(3) Ministries of Mercy

(4) Serve on Sunday Morning

(5) Small Groups

Lead Others to Love God. 

(1) Pray

(2) Invite

(3) Share the Gospel in our normal life.

Our Vision 

​We want to see Flanagan spiritually renewed by people knowing and loving God with their whole life through Jesus Christ.

A renewed relationship with God impacts our lives Spiritually, Economically, Educationally, and Relationally. 

Our Values


Christ Centered

In everything we do, we want to point people to our source of meaning and life, Jesus. The very heart of the Bible and our lives is the life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ, because he is the only way to eternal life. The more that you see Jesus, the more your life will be changed.

Biblical Authority

We believe that the Bible has authority over our lives because it is the Word of God written down by humans. We do not believe the Bible to simply be a 'set of rules,' but a way in which God has revealed himself to humans!

Community Focused

We believe that God has called us to be a church for the Flanagan community. We exist to help this specific community better understand their meaning of life and to understand God. Also, we want to be a place where true community can happen--where friends, family, and strangers can gather together to worship God.

Our Mission

Our mission is to proclaim Jesus and make disciples.

We accomplish this mission only by the grace of God.  We are called to be faithful in proclaiming Jesus and coming alongside people as they walk with God.

We believe that personal evangelism is a faithful way to share the good news of Jesus to others in our lives. 

In all things...

Love God. Love others. Lead Others to Love God.

FCC Constitution

FCC Policy Handbook

Sundays @ 9:30 am 103 S. Main St. Flanagan, IL. 61740

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